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How will Potential Customers Know about your Website?

More than 85% of all internet users use search engines to find the information that they are looking for. The best way to attract visitors to your website, is therefore without a doubt to get good exposure on search engines. Yes, you can print your website address on your business card, or advertise it in magazines, news papers and brochures. That is necessary, too. But if you would like to see your website inundated with motivated visitors that are eagerly looking for what your business has to offer, you need to make sure that your website ranks top when they use keywords that are associated with your business.

To achieve top rankings on the major search engines, is indeed a multi-million dollar industry on the internet. There are companies which offer paid options and guarantee that your website will be listed within 48 hours. That is usually linked to the so-called "Pay per Click" (PPC) system which means that you pay for each visitor that is being sent to your website from these search engines. Other search engines have options where you get a good position or a banner ad (not for free, of course!) when a person searches for specific keywords. Then there are also numerous software packages available...

What is the Best Way to Achieve a Top Search Engine Position?

Search engines have algorithms that are being used to search thoroughly through each website. To ensure that your website gets a top position on a search engine and to keep it, it is therefore necessary to have your website optimised so that search engines will love it. To do this only once and then hope that it will be enough to keep your website in a top position forever, is unrealistic. As there are so many tactics which people use to try and trick these algorithms, search engines change the way that they index websites frequently. What works well now, may be outdated in six months' time and may cause your website to drop its good ranking on the search engines.

It makes sense to have your website managed by someone that is well informed and who keeps abreast with the latest changes in the search engine industry. Green Lizard Grafix has developed and managed websites since 1997. Every website that we develop, is developed to be search engine friendly from the very beginning. As soon as your website has been published, it is also submitted to the most significant search engines for indexing. For as long as Green Lizard Grafix is responsible for the maintenance and hosting of your website, the position of your website on these search engines are monitored regularly and adapted from time to time - at no extra cost. This is just another way in which we built long-term customer relationships and satisfaction.

How Well does your Website Perform on the Most Significant Search Engines?

What keywords do you associate with your business? Use these words or phrase and do a quick Google test. Does your business need both local and international exposure? How easily will a potential customer find your website on Google or other search engines?

Has your website ever been listed on any of these search engines? Has anybody ever analysed your website to determime if it is search engine friendly?

If you would like to have a free (no obligation) evaluation of your website, do contact us. Please provide your website address on the contact form. As soon as we have analysed it, we wil sent you a short report.

It is meaningless to have a website if it does not have a top position on the search engines!